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Where do I start?

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Well that’s always the  question or rather the first questions that should be asked. What car? well that depends on what you want to spend. Yes I know, you’re thinking its gonna be very very expensive if you want to drift… and yes, you are correct. Its going to be a expensive excersize, espesially here in the sunny South Africa. Just to give a quick comparison…. In japan you can buy a 180sx(200sx) 2.0l turbo for about R7000, here in SA for the same car you are paing about R35k +. So yes… money is a problem, thus you got to know what car you going to get. Basically any RWD car will work. But try drifting a 1.1 ford escort… its just not gonna happen…. So here is the basic list:

  • Nissan 200sx S13 –  1.8i Turbo – One of the best stock cars to drift. Parts are scarce and expensive though.


  • Nissan 200sx S14 –  2.0i Turbo – Same league as the S13. Parts also scarce and expensive.


  • BMW Box Shape –  320 and up – Instant out the box drifting cheapish to run, lots of parts available.


  • BMW Dolphin Shape –  320 and up – Nice stock car to drift. A bit on the heavy side though. Parts are expensive


  • Toyota Sprinter –  1.6 but preferably the 1.8 – Nice little cars. Drifts easy, nicely upgradable and cheap to run


These are some of the best cars to start with. Now. You’ve bought your car… you get in and… what now? Well you can drift your car as is… but its better to get a minor upgrade here or there first. Just to help you along….