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Drifting – The Begining….

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Well it all started in the early morning hours on the Japanese mountain passes.

People gathered all around to watch the drivers slide around the mountain pass corners, one trying to beat the other ones angle and speed.

Today drifting has moved from the mountain passes to more legal areas. Special built tracks just for drifting has been developed over the years all over the world. Drifting is now seen as a official motor sport in allot of countries, Japan being the foremost.

The main aim for drifting is going around a track with sweeping and tight bends at high speeds and getting the car to slide around the corners at very aggressive angles, without spinning out.

The judging is on a points system, points goes to slide angle speed and style. Points is also awarded if you pass the leader in a drift.

Some Drifting in Action

Some Drifting in Action