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Wangan Midnight

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Hey guys!

Just finished watching a awesome anime series called Wangan Midnight.

Ok so its not drifting, but who can say no to a Datsun S30Z racing against a R32 GT-R?? Anyone?… Haha, didn’t think so!

Well the story begins where Akio Asakura, a high school student, is driving in his Z31 300ZX on the Wangan freeway, with a couple of friends. He sees Blackbird, a Porsche 911 Turbo, pass them at high speed. Akio decides to chase him, but the Porsche is just to fast, he was defeated.

Akio now wants to become faster, to beat the Porsche. His mechanic friend tells him about a S30 Z at a scrapyard, one just like he always wanted.

They go have a look at the S30, and Akio instantly falls in love with it. He has to have it.Akio remembered seeing this exact S30 pass him on a street a few years back, with a nice girl in the passenger seat.They do a check on the S30 to find that basically every part has been upgraded. Brakes, suspension, chassis and best of all the motor… This S30 was sporting a L28, but not any normal L28… this was a twin turbo’ed carburettor version, it was bored out to a 3.1L and still had all stock internals.

Akio convinces the junkyard owner to sell him the S30, but against the previous owners will…

The previous owner brought the S30 to the junkyard and told them to scrap the car because it was cursed.

He soon finds that the car is unnaturally fast due to a tuned L28 engine.

He also finds that the one of the car’s previous owners shares his first and last name, and had died in a horrible crash on the Wangan.
Every person who takes possession of the Z ends up spinning out of control and crashing, as if the car is rebelling against its driver. This gives the blue Z the nickname “The Devil Z”.

The story follows Akio’s various encounters with people on the Wangan, though the central plot revolves around his constant battle with the BlackBird for Wangan superiority.

Initial D – Third Stage

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Third Stage

By this time Ryosuke approaches Takumi with an offer. Ryosuke has been putting together a racing team featuring the best racers of the Gunma prefecture, and would like Takumi to join. Takumi doesn’t want to decide whether or not to accept the proposal until he settles his score with Team Emperor leader Sudou Kyouichi, who had looked down on the AE86 because of the car’s age and had seriously damaged Takumi’s confidence in the AE86 after being defeated by him. Takumi proceeds to Irohazaka pass to challenge Kyouichi. Kyouichi had chosen to let Takumi lead; if Takumi prevents Kyouichi from passing him, he wins, if Kyouichi passes him, he loses. Takumi notes how the match is unfair, but this is quickly dismissed by Kyouichi. In the end, Takumi is able to prevent Kyouichi from passing. Kyouichi, who takes great pride in his knowledge and ability to race on his home course, concedes defeat and also gave praise to the new AE86, although Takumi still believes it was more of a tie and was more concerned about Kyouichi finally acknowledging the abilities of the AE86.

Kogashiwa Kai, the son of Bunta’s old rival, driving a Toyota MR2 (SW20) later challenges Takumi upon knowing he beat his original target, Kyouichi. He and his father planned to beat Takumi by using a line strategy his father had devised and used against Bunta: the In-Air hairpin jump on the 33rd, 36th, 37th, 38th, and 39th hairpins of Irohazaka. Bunta, knowing how Kogashiwa has used the special line factor before, predicted to Takumi that Kai would surely be in front by the later half of the race and proceeds to give Takumi some obscure advice on how to beat Kai. Kyouichi, who had been with Iwaki Seiji , Keisuke, and Takahashi Ryouske, had predicted as well that Kai would use the technique and explains how he himself could not come to use the strategy due to his pride in his skills alone without need for strategy. Kai, upon realizing that he cannot win in a straight-forward clash of skill, uses the line strategy to overtake and further distance himself from Takumi. Takumi then finds it in himself to try this technique and masters it at the first try, finding himself catching up to Kai. At the last moment before they reach the finish Takumi realizes the meaning behind the advice given earlier by Bunta when he notices dead leaves piling up on one side of the road. Takumi proceeds puts his car past the shrubs and into the gutter to sling shot side-by-side forcing Kai to the side of the road where Takumi guesses the leaves would pile up on. Bunta, while talking to Yuuichi, has predicted that Takumi had a 50% chance of passing Kai. As they pass the bridge side-by-side airborne, the 50% chance presents itself as Kai had landed on the side of the road where the leaves had piled up where he lost control and spun out right before the goal.

This stage also saw the appearance of Miki, a former student at the same high school Takumi attended who Takumi once punched over Miki’s bragging about his sexual exploits with Natsuki (seen in a flashback from 1st Stage). It was Christmas season, and Natsuki surprises Takumi at his house, and celebrates Christmas with him and Bunta. On New Year’s Day, Miki takes Natsuki under duress, even attempting to rape her near Lake Akina. But Takumi, after hearing a few words of a call from Natsuki which was cut short, came to the rescue.

As spring comes, Takumi tells Ryosuke that he wants to request another battle with him, this time on Mt. Akagi, before making his decision regarding the team. It is unclear who actually wins the race, but during the race Keisuke reveals to the other members of the Red Suns that the race is not really about who wins or loses. As they approach the finish, side by side, Takumi decides that it is his desire to remain with Ryosuke and join the team.

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Local Drifting – The Rock Raceway

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Well as you all know, drifting has been taken on in a few countries. Some just for fun and other for serious motorsports.

Well in the effort to get the sport know in SA, the rock raceway opened their door to some of the best drifters in SA, and the neewbies that wants to learn how to drift.

So if you have a nice drifter and you kinda know how to drift go to the Wednesday Drifting Practice –

Wednesday evenings open practice


This is your chance to start drifting, to improve your drift skills or to get started with Rockhana !

If you want to start drifting, you can show up at Wednesday’ evenings practice and we will give you the chance to try your skills with your car. If you decide its what you want then we will make you a member of our drift or rockhana club.

Practice from 6 – 11pm

Good atmosphere, lights on till late, beat pumping bar & food open and plenty drift action …

Entry: R 20.00 per vehicle ” – The Rock Raceway

Contact them for any further info on the track, times, etc.

The Rock Raceway,
18 Main Reef Road, Brakpan.

Tel: 011-740 8315; 011-740 1206
Fax: 086 508 2388

Directions(Di “rock” tions)

Getting to The Rock is pretty easy no matter where you are coming from! Yes it’s in “The Pan” but it’s only a 35min hop from Sandton. (Unless Tim “V12″ Stephens is driving in which case its only 10mins!)

You need to get onto the N3 if you are coming from the north or south. When you happen upon GILLOOLY?S interchange, you want to follow the signs for the N12 WITBANK. This is the same junction as if you were headed to the airport.

From PRETORIA, it is quicker to take the R24, cut through BENONI and then hang LEFT onto SNAKE ROAD.

If you live in the East Rand, get yourself onto the N12.

Once you are on the N12, you head straight till you get to “SNAKE ROAD”.

When you are on SNAKE ROAD (turn RIGHT when you come off the highway), you will be looking out for MAIN REEF ROAD. At the fifth set of traffic lights hang a LEFT onto MAIN REEF ROAD move over to right hand lane travel straight for +- 3km.

You will go under a bridge and then you want to look out for The Rock on the left.

GPS Co-ordinates
S26 * 14′ 41, 6′
E28 * 21′ 09, 4′